The jungle gym

   D.E.E.N.O.S. is proud to offer the most advanced training facility available to pre-school boys and girls.  The Jungle Gym is a wonderful area in which our youngest participants are able to learn and explore  equipment made specifically for them in an environment with less distractions.  

Tadpoles  (Ages 6 months-12 months)  This is a FREE CLASS!

   The Tadpoles class will provide  you with the information you need to help your baby develop a strong healthy brain while bonding with mom or dad.  

Joeys  (Ages 12 months to 18 months)

   Our Joeys class is an extension of Tadpoles, providing parents with information on early brain development through movement.  Enjoy helping your little one reach milestones in their development.

Mini Monkeys  (Ages 18 months-3 years)

   This fantastic class is designed with the active child in mind!  One parent or adult will assist their little monkey during 30 minutes of play and instruction.  A qualified instructor will help guide parents and assist with some stations.  Children are encouraged to explore, climb, swing, crawl and jump around while learning how to wait for turns and follow instructions in a group.

Tiny Turtles  (Ages 3-4 years)

   Tiny Turtles is an independent class in which boys and girls follow a qualified instructor through a 30 minute lesson.  Class is more structured than Mini Monkeys and children need to be able to follow simple instructions for safety.  Our target student to instructor ratio of 6:1 for this class furthers the purpose of helping these active little ones learn how to follow directions, take turns and be kind to others, all while engaging in physical activity.  Upon 'graduation' of Tiny Turtles, children move on up to the Junior Gym!