Girls Gymnastics

   Gymnastics is known as a strong foundation for participation in all sports.  Aside from the more obvious physical benefits, participation in gymnastics has proven to build bone density and develop neurological pathways that allow increased learning capacity.  We believe that learning basic gymnastics is just as important as learning to swim.    

   Our Girls Gymnastic classes are divided by ability into four levels, each increasing in difficulty.  Classes focus on building skills on the four traditional gymnastics apparatus, Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise while also increasing strength and flexibility.  Each level has a list of skills to master and athletes advance at their own pace.  Most children will stay in the same level for multiple sessions.  


Girls Gymnastics 1  (Ages 6-16 years.  55 minute class)

Girls Gymnastics 2  (Ages 6-18 years, 55 minute class)

Girls Gymnastics 3  (Ages 6-18 years, 75 minute class)

Girls Gymnastics 4  (Ages 6-18 years, 75 minute class)

   Pre-Team classes are open enrollment classes that are structured toward girls who wish to join the competitive team.  In Pre-Team, girls will learn skills and routines required in entry level competition.  Pre-Team participants have the opportunity to compete in our spring home meet.

Pre-Team  (Ages 6-12 years, 90 minutes 2x/week)