About Us


Educating Children in a Positive Sports Environment

That's our philosophy at D.E.E.N.O.S., but what does that mean?  We want to help children establish a lifelong love of physical activity and we believe that our programs can do just that by combining fun with learning.  That does not mean that we aren't serious about our sport, it just means that we are good at making the learning process enjoyable!


Our Facility

Our current facility opened in December 2003 and is the largest training facility of its kind south of Atlanta.  We put a lot of thought into athlete safety and longevity, training tools to accelerate learning and overall atmosphere.  D.E.E.N.O.S. is a phenomenal place for children to learn!



Our Staff is comprised of energetic people who love what we do.  We spend hours outside of gym learning, researching and bettering our skills so that we can bring our knowledge back to our students and help them achieve their goals.  Our Staff undergo regular background checks and attend training clinics across the U.S.