Is Class Once Per Week? How Long is a Session?

Most classes meet one day per week.  Check your class details if you're not sure.  You can enroll in multiple classes at a discounted rate.  Our classes run on 7 to 8 week Sessions and there are 6 Sessions each year back to back. 

When Can I Enroll My Child?

 Anytime!  We take new registrations year round as long as there is space in class.  Your child will learn at their own pace.  Instructors are teaching skills and progressions based on the level of the class.  As soon as a child meets the standards, they are advanced to the next level. 

How Can My Child Advance?

Instructors teach lessons based on specific skills and progressions to advance your child as safely as possible.  Once he/she has met the standards in their level, the Instructor will notify the Office Staff who will then contact you about your child advancing to the next level.  You can always inquire with your Instructor if you feel your child may be ready for advancement.  They will be able to give you the best feedback.

What if I the Class is Too Easy or Too Difficult?

If your child is accidentally enrolled in a class that is more or less difficult than they require, we will help move them to the appropriate level.  Keep in mind, our classes are taught with skill progressions on each event.  Your child may be more advanced in one area, but still require work in another before advancing to the next level safely.  

What if My Child Doesn't Like the Class?

If you or your child are unhappy with class, please let us know.  We strive to find the right fit for each child and we'll do our best to help you.  We prefer for children to take a full session before making a move to a different program, but if you know from the start that class isn't meeting your needs, let us help you.

How Can I Cancel My Class?

Simply fill out the Cancellation Form and Submit it to cancel enrollment.  The Cancellation deadlines are as follows to avoid charges for a new session:

Jan 14 

Mar 14

May 14

Jul 14

Sep 14

Nov 14