Trampoline & Tumbling

  Trampoline and Tumbling is open to girls and boys ages 6 and up.  Students begin in Level 1 classes and progress as directed by the instructor.  They will learn skills and sequences on Trampoline, Double Mini Trampoline and the Rod Floor.  T&T teaches amazing spatial awareness, motor skill development, agility, strength and power, all while kids are bouncing and having fun!  Trampoline re-entered the Summer Olympic Games in 2000.  If you haven't seen what can be done, check it out on YouTube.  It's amazing!
   Students need to wear athletic clothing that contains no buckles, zippers, buttons, etc.  Socks must be worn for double mini, so always bring a pair.  No gum or jewelry (stud earrings are ok), long hair must be up and out of the face.  No hair beads, plastic balls, bows etc. are allowed.  Hair (even short hair) needs to be out of the face for safety.
Class Schedules