Pre-School Gymnastics Fit and Fun!

   D.E.E.N.O.S. is proud to offer the most advanced training facility available to the pre-school gymnast.  Fit and Fun is the basis of our Jungle and Junior gyms.  Children ages 18months to 6years are able to learn and explore  equipment made specifically for them in an environment with less distractions.  Children are grouped based on age in these classes.
     Dressing appropriately for class is very important!  Girls should wear a leotard to class (no skirts attached).  In cold weather, sweat pants or similar extras can be worn over a leotard.
   Boys should wear cotton shorts and a T-shirt.  In cold weather, sweat pants and sweatshirts are appropriate. 
   *It is wise to layer warm clothes over cool clothes because children are likely to get warm once they start class and may discard the warm layers.
   Leotards and other general apparel are available in our Pro-Shop during office hours.
  No gum, jewelry (stud earrings are ok) or zippers/buckles/snaps/buttons, etc, no socks or footed tights.

Class Schedules

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