Cheer Tumbling

   Cheer Tumbling classes are designed for the current or aspiring cheerleader to increase her tumbling capability. D.E.E.N.O.S. has helped many girls make competitive cheerleading in their schools and All-Star squads in the area.  Our equipment is unsurpassed and allows many more repetitions.  Students begin in Level 1 and progress as directed by their coach, learning individual skills and many creative combinations and passes.  With proper technique, there is no end to what you can learn, so don't settle for less! Learning proper technique does take more time than rushing through skills.  However, the wait is worth it when you realize that there is no limit to what you can learn with a solid foundation and with proper technique, injuries are greatly reduced.
    Dressing appropriately for class is very important.  Girls should wear a fitted tank top or T-Shirt and shorts/sweats to class.  Because of the nature of the activity, tops should not be loose fitting.  Hair needs to be pulled up securely.
   A dedicated pair of cheer shoes can be worn to practice ONLY if they are never worn outside.  No gum, no jewelry (stud earrings are ok), no zippers/buckles/buttons.
Class Schedules