More Party Information

Things to know before you book a party!

-Parties last 1.5 hours.  45 minutes in the Gym and 45 minutes in the Party Room (in that order).
-You may come 15 minutes before your party time to get set up.
-Small Party is for up to 10 participants, including the birthday child and is $190.
-Large Party is for up to 20 participants, including the birthday child and is $235.
-Participants are those who enter the main gym and partake in the activities.  Adults and others that accompany children to the party but remain in the lobby and party room are not considered participants.
-Our parties are designed for guests ages 5-14.  Parties for younger children may be available but special arrangements must be made.  Call 826-2011 for more info on Parties for under 5 years old.
-There is no refrigerator or freezer available.
-Every participant MUST have a waiver signed by their parent in order to enter the main gym. 
-Participants don't need gymnastics experience.
-We provide tables and chairs for the maximum number of guests (10 or 20)
-You provide table wear, food, cake, utensils, etc.  View a list of Things to Bring to help you remember everything.
-Each child gets a DEENOS cup souvenir and tattoo while supplies last
-Adults are not allowed in the gym or on the equipment
-One parent of the birthday child may enter the gym to take pictures/video.
-Parties are non-refundable.  If you need to cancel a party due to an emergency, we will work with you to reschedule if possible.
-Full payment is required at the time of booking a party
-We clean up the mess!