'My daughter began gymnastics at DEENOS at a very early age and continued until she was about 10. It was BY FAR one of the best decisions we ever made for her both mentally and physically. She learned many skills that translate to so many other areas of her life. Discipline, teamwork, physical fitness, and work ethic to name just a few. We spent countless hours with with our DEENOS family and loved every minute of it. I would recommend DEENOS to any parent as it was a priceless experience for our daughter.'                                           
                                                                                -Helen Ward
'My daughter started at DEENOS in the Swingers class 3 years ago. She had been a soccer player and was very good at soccer but she saw an episode of "Make it or Break it" on TV and wanted to try gymnastics. Trying it turned into a love affair! Within 4 months of her first class she moved to pre-team and competed! Her love for the sport grew. During the last 3 years I have seen her struggle with skills, push herself beyond what we thought possible and learn to self correct. The life lessons of hard work and setting/achieving goals are ingrained in her. Overcoming fear and doing something you never thought you could is also a pretty empowering at 8/9 years old. My daughter has developed an "I will try" frame of mind instead of "I can't". My daughter will never be an Olympic gymnast, she will probably never get a gymnastics scholarship to college and she may quit the sport before she's 11... BUT... my daughter will be stronger physically, emotionally and mentally because of gymnastics and DEENOS and she will carry what she has learned with her in life. I am so grateful for the sport and the coaches at DEENOS.'                                                              -Dana Womack
'In 2010, my daughter spent 9 wonderful months at DEENOS under the instruction of Deena & Brian Moore while between dance studios. The gym staff was always knowledgeable and courteous, helpful and polite! The instructors were AMAZING! The athletes at the gym were nice and respectful of each other and the environment as a whole was positive. I would highly recommend DEENOS to anyone looking for exceptional gymnastics instruction. Thanks to Deena and the entire DEENOS team of instructors and staff, my daughter was able to accomplish core building that prepared her for her entry into the world of full time, pre-professional ballet! Cannot thank DEENOS enough! :)'  
                                                                                  -Lauren Shrader
'D.E.E.N.O.S has been an excellent experience for my daughters. It has helped them with discipline, responsibility, and self esteem. The programs that are offered are excellent. The diversity in the coaches makes the gym a great asset to the Effingham county area.'  
                                                                              -LaQuinta Plunkett
'After moving here from out of state, my daughter was in search of a new gym that offered team gymnastics.  We tried 2 other gyms before finding D.E.E.N.O.S.  Now we're at home.  D.E.E.N.O.S. has the most magnificent facility that is truly state of the art.  Thank you Deena and Brian for taking the time to "Do it right!" '   
                                                                         -Trudy and Casey Hite
'My daughter broke a competitive team record for our gym and when I asked her if she really understood how cool that was and what she thought about it...she said "I don't care.  I don't do this for the scores mom, I do this for fun!"  Coaches at D.E.E.N.O.S. rule because my child loves to have FUN!'                                  -Tris and Christina Meyers